Whole Body Cryotherapy


Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a short-term passive physical therapy that has a systemic effect. The range of temperatures used in this kind of treatment is -100C to -160C and takes place in Cryo chamber specialized devices for a safe and sufficient procedure. WBC started in Japan in the eighties and then gained its popularity in Germany and Poland. Plenty of basic research was done by Polish and German scientists, which resulted in the extension of initial indications (Rheumatism) to various inflammatory conditions and sport medicine applications. The main physiological response to extreme cold exposure is decreasing the skin’s temperature, changing the blood flow conditions, attenuating inflammatory response and formation of Oedema after tissue injury. Thirty years of experience in WBC applications in Poland, Germany and Scandinavian countries(currently about 150 devices are available) led physicians and scientists to thoroughly explain their physiological findings based on factual data and results related to extreme cold temperatures.Therapeutic and performance enhancing effects of exposing the whole body to extreme cold stimulushas been compared to local Cryotherapy results, showing an advantage is using the WBC due to better systemic nervous reflex reactions
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