Cryotherapy Services


Our trained staff will guide and help you discover what cryotherapy services will benefit you the most. Whether it is slimming down, skincare, or muscle recovery you are looking for, we can help. Come in and feel the benefits of the infrared sauna. Your body will be immersed by the radiant heat from the infrared sauna which reaches directly into your limbs, muscles and tissues, through oxygen flow and circulation. Its far-reaching infrarot energy penetrates the skin and improves circulation to help rid the body of harmful toxins and muscle aches.

 A new favorite is Cryoskin 3.0. Cryoskin is a non-invasive, body contouring procedure used for slimming, minimizing cellulite, and toning. CryoSlimming incorporates the technology of cryolipolysis (cell death) to kill fat cells by intense heat and cold treatment. CryoToning helps to improve microcirculation and to speed up metabolism resulting in higher development of collagen. It assists in reducing cellulite and enhancing fine lines and wrinkles.

lady in cryotherapy chamber

Whole Body Cryo

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a short-term passive physical therapy that has a systemic effect. The range of temperatures used in this kind of treatment is -100C to -160C and takes place in Cryochamber specialized devices for a safe and sufficient procedure
localized cryotherapy on elbow

Localized Cryo

Painful joints are the most important problem in the course of trauma as well as in degenerative disease cases. It can be caused by defects in the cartilage surface of the joint and cartilage tissue is themain target for the WBC application.
infrared sauna

Infrared Sauna

Unlike traditional saunas infrared saunas heat your body directly with electromagnetic radiation. A few benefits of an infrared sauna are better sleep, relaxations, detoxification, weight loss, and relief from sore joints and muscles.

lady getting cryoskin 3.0 on her neck

Cryoskin 3.0

Studies have shown that cryoskin therapy can reduce fat cells and increase collagen due to the thermal shock from the hot and cold.

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