Cryo Artic

whole body cryotherapy chamber


A treatment session lasts 3 minutes exposing the whole body to cryogenically cooled air reducing inflammation and tissues damage, improving immunity and circulation, stimulating metabolism, accelerates regeneration and improves performance in athletes and physically active people, and releasing enhanced levels of endorphins leaving you rejuvenated, refreshed and revitalized. Increased collagen production in the skin helps to reduce visible lines and wrinkles, and improves skin volume and resiliency, while naturally reducing pore size and promoting smooth skin. Also, the atmosphere of cold air reduces stress, relaxes muscles, and improves quality of sleep. Reaching temperatures of -140°C / -220°F, the °CRYO Arctic™ is the only machine on the market that accurately measures the chamber’s temperature. Such accuracy ensures the client’s treatment exceeds their expectations. Stop in or call us at our Strongsville location and ask us about seasonal specials!

cryotherapy chamber


Never come in contact with nitrogen, only breathable air.
whole body cryotherapy chamber with door open


Relax with a favorite song while still being in communication with the operator.

whole body cryotherapy chamber with lady in it


True whole body cryotherapy with consistent temperature during the treatment.

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